28The Consultant’s Office for European Union was not founded by accident.

Throughout my education and my course of studies, I have learnt that economic science moves and develops according to the Institutions.

The above certainty was only a theory at the end of the XVIII century and, as time passed, it turned into a temporary fall to the superficial, to the useless.

Between the XIX and the XX century the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain represented the turning point from both the social backwardness and the economic underdevelopment to a new form of civilization.

This positive connection of elements throughout half a century permitted the improvement of the standard of life not only for a limited number of privileged people, but for wide sectors of the population, so that the average of death-rate was reduced and the average lifetime grew as a consequence.

So, if we don’t take into consideration the neolothic revolution, we can say that the industrial revolution is “the most revolutionary among revolutions”.

Yet the South of Italy did not “behave” according to the historical certainties characterising the success of the Industrial Revolution. The rising economic trend of the area started in the 70s but it stopped at the beginning of the 90s: during the same years Europe had created more that 9 million new jobs and occasions of employment. Unfortunately from the middle ‘90s, the slowdown of the economic cycle, and a series of decisions which only history will be able to judge, has made unemployment grow: a phenomenon which is still difficult to manage and quite impossible to stop.

Within this context S.C.U.E. proposes itself as an instrument to contribute to the creation of new conditions in order to grant both the sustainable growth and the employment; to improve, as a consequence, the life conditions; to allow the recovery of bio-diversity and of natural  areas; to support the SMEs, which are a source of job, in their process of Internationalization; to contribute to whatever can be useful for the sustainable development of the United States of Europe.

The Chairman.

                                                                         Alessandro DE DONNO

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